EV news you may have missed the last couple of weeks
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Newsletter #3, May 2021

Fortnightly curated EV newsletter, focused on Australia. Just enough information to stay informed, not too much to be overwhelmed.

G'day <<First Name>>,

Here's some EV news you may have missed:
Cairns man Phil Smith is travelling through rural Australia to inform people of the pros and cons of long distance trips in an electric vehicle (EV).
Great outreach

Battery supply chain alignment
EVs will overtake ICE sales in 2036 and the capacity of battery production to reach 2,857 GWh by 2030.

Aussie company Tritium was selected by the US Army to support the electrification of its ~225k Army vehicles
We do have the technology here in Australia, just not the political will.

Andrew Constance shows much needed leadership on electric vehicles
Except, no real proposal or policy plan, yet.

The sobering truth about April’s record auto sales

Australia well-placed to benefit from green energy supply shortages
Paywalled. But you get the jest.

Arrival and Uber to collaborate on electric Car for ride-hailing industry
But why? It’s really just a London taxi car, isn’t it?

Nissan Leaf owners could start feeding energy into grid by end of year
… and starting to get taxed when doing so next year?

First converted power kiosk in Sydney offers fast EV charging – free for 15 minutes
Now in Horsnby, Dee Why next.

"The future is already here — It's just not
very evenly distributed"
— William Gibson

"... and hasn't made it yet to Australia"  
— Me

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