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Newsletter #4, May 2021

Fortnightly curated EV newsletter, focused on Australia. Just enough information to stay informed, not too much to be overwhelmed.

G'day <<First Name>>,

Here's some EV news you may have missed:
Australia’s “father of PV” says your next rooftop solar system might be tens of kilowatts

The multibillion-dollar gamble to get Australians into electric cars
Gotta love “Miners In Teslas”

Why a group of teenage girls described as 'hardcore car nuts' are converting a Range Rover into an electric vehicle
More of this

On the EV road with Robin Mellon
Road tripping with the MG

Aussie auto market 'at turning point'

Australia’s first ‘poo-powered’ SUV hits the road
Did that get your attention?

The political forces driving Victoria’s ‘cash grab’ on EVs
The 2.5c per km fee has to be manually tracked and reported via a website.

Zero and Low Emission Vehicle Distance-based Charge Bill 2021
This Act comes into operation on 1 July 2021.

Explainer: When can I charge my house from my EV?

Tritium, a Pioneer in E-Mobility and EV Charging Infrastructure, Announces Business Combination With Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation II; Combined Company To Be Listed on Nasdaq

EV Automotive launches EC11 electric van in Brisbane

Last remaining oil refineries urged to stay in Australia with $2 billion fuel security package

Global car manufacturer says Australia is failing to lure electric vehicle importers

"The future is already here — It's just not
very evenly distributed"
— William Gibson

"... and hasn't made it yet to Australia"  
— Me

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