It's that time of year again
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What's new with Ashleigh?

It's that time of year again. With the passing of Labor Day, we have reached the unofficial start of autumn. Cooler temperatures mean apple picking, corn mazes, and more camping.

That's right! As you read this, I am driving up to the White Mountains for our final camping trip of the year. Thankfully, the weather is supposed to be a little warmer than our first trip this year. At least this time, it should stay above freezing overnight, if only barely.

In case you haven't noticed, we have done a lot of camping this year. As a result, I have been inspired to start a camping blog! Although I have written several articles about our adventures so far, the website most likely will not become active before next springJust in time for new camping adventures.
That's because I'm busy working on another website.

As I mentioned in my last email, Hartfield Chronicles is going to have a new home. Since season one is about to be published as a paperback and e-book, they will not appear on the new website. However, they will remain accessible on the old site (as well as most of the webserial platforms where it was originally published) until a release date is set.

While you wait for the new website, why don't you check out some of the books below?​​​​​

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

The books currently on my bookshelf are both cozy mysteries, but feel free to browse the archives to see reviews on young adult books. Better yet, feel free to recommend some books for me to read!
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Cross Country Hearts
Free Book
Cross Country Hearts
A coming of age young adult romance
about self-discovery and relationships

Two enemies, one car, and an epic road trip

June's sister, April, is getting married. The lucky guy? A businessman whose cousin is Jasper King, the art maniac loner of her high school.

The hate between them is mutual, but they can't avoid one another before the wedding. That becomes impossible when the two are thrown together into a car and forced to drive down the East Coast from Boston to Jacksonville for the wedding.

The two embark on an unlikely truce and road trip, which brings them from art museums in New York to Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, and down to the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta. Along the way June must reevaluate her relationship to Jasper, which is that of bully and victim, and she must contend with her past actions. Sparks fly and ignite, and what happens next will go down in road trip history.
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Other Books On Sale

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Book 1 in the Unreal Series

Augmented reality has transformed the world from drab to gorgeously stunning. But when you can't trust what you see, can you believe anything or anyone?

Channel is Unreal. After the devastating Campi eruption, people flocked to new Communities offering retinal implants to modify their world into something beautiful again. Living in Paradise 3 Community, Channel's only goal is to become a World Builder and improve the augmented reality code for everyone living there. Her opportunities seem endless until new implant technology is announced - this time with the ability to augment all the senses. With dashed dreams and her skills rendered virtually useless, Channel is left with none of her prior options...but has one salacious opportunity.

Mila is Real. Living with her parents who fought to remain independent from the Communities, her world is the antithesis of privileged. With a dwindling peer group, a lack of resources, and seemingly no hope for her future, she jumps at the chance to travel with her brother Alek in search of other free Real societies. Though they have outdated information and virtually zero knowledge of what could lie ahead, Alek and Mila leave the only home they've ever known under cover of night.

When Mila and Channel's paths collide, they become torn between the worlds they thought they knew and a brazen reality they could never have imagined. Will they risk it all to understand what it truly means to be Real?

Unreal is the first book in the riveting Unreal series. If you like mind-bending storylines, strong female characters, and clean romance, you'll adore Cindy Gunderson's page-turning psychological saga.
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