News you may have missed this month. Like a plan to roll out 30000 power pole chargers (by 2029)!
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Newsletter #24, December2022

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Here's some EV news you may have missed:
Add your HTML here.2022 Car of the Year named
Tesla Model Y (saved you a click)

Volvo's bid to go 'fully electric' in Australia by 2026 suggests hybrid cars are on a road to nowhere

Electric trucks could reduce peak hour traffic and climate emissions if they were exempt from curfews, transport experts say

BYD Seal EV: New Tesla Model 3-rival for Australia later in 2023

2023 Cupra Born EV price and specs

BYD electric ute set for 2024 Australian launch

Electric drivers caught in recharge tangle

Electric vehicles are entering the mass market, but there are still some issues threatening the industry

Australian students break world solar-powered car record in 12-hr, 1000km dash

The electric Volkswagen Kombi hits Oz: First examples of all-new VW ID.Buzz EV lands in Australia to give families and businesses a fun electric alternative... eventually

There's a new plan to roll out up to 30,000 electric vehicle chargers. Here's where you could 'fill up'

Gizmodo Australia’s Favourite EV of 2022, and What We’re Looking Forward to in 2023

Australia’s top selling EVs: Tesla domination to be boosted as new armada arrives

First Australian benefits from vehicle-to-grid EV charging

Holiday-makers drive electric car uptake

EV revolution lost on Australia’s politicians as they cling to petrol cars

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