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From the desk of Ashleigh Stevens
After a refreshing summer vacation, I found this week to be very busy. While I was in Maine, I started working on my next mystery novel, inspired by many of the sights around me. I'm only a couple of chapters in, but I think it is going to be a great story. Of course, I may be a little biased.

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Avery Daniels

When Julienne arrives at the Enchantment Canyon Resort, she expects to spend her days training the staff and her nights with her boyfriend. But, someone has other ideas. First, a high-powered executive is executed with an old-fashioned arrowed, literally grabbing Julienne to utter his final words: "The curse got me." Now, the new owner wants her to focus her attention on finding the killer and 
saving the resort's reputation. As if that wasn't enough, her boyfriend's ex checks in, determined to rekindle their lost romance. Will Julienne be able to solve the mystery before it's too late?

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Burning Water
Now Available
Burning Water
A Gwynn Reznick Mystery

A Man Goes Up in Flames.

Was it an accident or murder?

Gwynn Reznick returns as a rookie private investigator…

…to find the truth.

Placed in an accounting role to watch the key players up close, she uncovers financial irregularities while delving into clues that lead her into dangerous situations. To obtain information, she becomes entangled with a tough crew of oil field workers. Their interpersonal jealousies and mysterious pasts intersect to obscure the truth.

Unraveling connecting threads that link to multiple disappearances, Gwynn discovers she’s pitted against polished criminal professionals and finds herself in the center of a devious scheme.

Money shortages and illicit affairs…

…point to several suspects.

Will her sleuthing blow her cover before her backup team arrives?

Any reader who enjoys action, adventure, murder mysteries, or just a plain good read will love Burning Water, the third book in the Gwynn Reznick series.
Two Indian Girls
Now Available
Two Indian Girls
The Kanke Killings Trilogy Book 1

Does Amrita leave Khushbu unfortified post her marriage? Unarmed, powerless, and pregnable? Does Khushbu take care of the devils as her benefactors? Can Amrita redeem her? Inspector Rajiv has a task cut out for himself. He is at his wit’s end. Can Amrita get Rajiv to unravel the ysteries? Does Amrita get to become the Marketing Head of her organization? Can Cockpit stop Amrita in her tracks? Does Khushbu get to live her vow, ‘Till Death Do Us Part?’ Pick up this fast-paced book of relationships, marriage, and socio-political and economic change. Above all, dive into the depths of mystery and peel off the layers to see the villains of the piece.
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