Happy Anniversary!
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What's new with Ashleigh?

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, I selected the first weekend in October for many reasons. I looked forward to wedding pictures with multicolored autumn trees in the background. Instead, it was almost 90°F that day!

My wedding isn't the only anniversary I'm celebrating. It's also been one year since I published Camp Piquaqua. Have you downloaded your free copy yet?
Camp Piquaqua
Camp Piquaqua

Ana has the perfect job. Unfortunately, it means working with TJ.

Seventeen-year-old Ana cannot wait for summer, when she gets to co-lead the overnight hikes at her uncle's family camp. Sure, it means working with her brother-in-law, TJ, a boy her age whom she cannot stand. But, she is willing to put aside their differences in order to have a fantastic summer. When tragedy strikes, Ana and TJ must work together, with the help of the legendary piquaqua bird, to help restore the camp in time for summer.
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Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

Over and Under the Pond
Over and Under the Pond
Kate Messner & Christopher Silas Neal

On a paddling journey, a young boy and his mother discover the plants and animals that call the pond their home.
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Free Books

Character Club Series
Free Book
Character Club Series
This challenge encourages children and
tweens to think of others before themselves

Need some kindness in your classroom? (Or home?)

This challenge uses ideas from the book Jeanie Blair, Author Extraordinaire to help students and children think of others before themselves. Intended to build class community and strengthen empathy in your building.
Want more free books? Check out this giveaway!
Fall into Romance

Other Books On Sale

The Perfect Hit
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The Perfect Hit
A Rosemont High Baseball Romance

He's got a crush, but can he make it out of the friend zone?

Colt Buttars knows nothing about theater, until Hazel enters his life. He's liked her for months but isn't sure how to tell her. Then the opportunity to try out something new, something besides sports, gives him the push to get out of his comfort zone, and hopefully, impress Hazel. The only problem is keeping that a secret long enough to figure out a plan.

The theater teacher asked Hazel Miller to write the spring play and it's got her all sorts of nervous. But having Colt there helps, at least until he's been asked to a dance by one of Hazel's theater friends. Only then does she start to realize her feelings for him.

But will she be too late?
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