New Zealand Asian Leaders Newsletter - June 2023

June 2023

Hope this mail finds you well. 
Welcome to the first newsletter of NZAL in it's new avatar. 

As you may be aware that NZAL has taken a new birth since last year and we are progressing with a lot of events this year. We have already completed one event on immigration and the other is due next week. 

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Immigration Reset - Attracting New Investors
Date: Thursday, 08 June 2023
Time: 4 pm – 7 pm
Venue: Wetaworkshop - Uncorked Room at SkyCity level 5, Auckland CBD

Speakers Include:
Nick Arathimos, Director Investment Programme, Immigration New Zealand

Matt Hoskin, Skills & Investment Attraction, NZTE

Greg Boland, CEO of Tiger Broker

Franky Wang, Head of Asia Business Activation, Bank of New Zealand

Moderator: Ping Chen Director of PCW Law 
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Non- Members : $35 
The event is FREE for paid members and non-members need to buy a ticket.
Education & Immigration settings - Impact on the Asian Community
NZAL completed a meaningful dialogue on the education & immigration settings and how it is impacting the Asian communities in Aotearoa.

Some areas of discussion included:
  • - Workforce mobility and how Asia can help? Are the settings, right?
  • - Is NZ still lucrative for investors?
  • - Is NZ education still attractive?
Panellists included: 
  • - Kenneth Leong, Director | Tiaki Capital
  • - Kingsley Wang,  Director | BEgroup Education & Technology
    - Mahesh Muralidhar, CEO Phase One Ventures 
  • - Dr Xin Chen, Research Fellow | New Zealand Asia Institute
  • - Lukas Sousa, Head of Employer Relationships | Malcom Pacific Immigration
Moderated by: Bharat Chawla, Director | RBS Intellect​
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