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From the desk of Ashleigh Stevens
Happy Friday. Oh, wait. It's Saturday!

But, Ashleigh, you always send your emails on Fridays. What happened?

Honestly, I just lost track of time. I've been so busy writing that I didn't realize it was already Friday. I've also been a little distracted by bug bites.

It all started last weekend when we went camping (yes, again). Despite copious amounts of bug spray and long pants, we were eaten alive by mosquitos. As of Thursday evening, I was still taking anti-histamines and coating myself in pink lotion because I was so itchy. Combined with the fact that we came home on a Monday instead of Sunday, I've spent much of this week a little confused.

I am also preparing for my triannual newsletter update. Over the next month, I will be analyzing the format, deciding what to keep and what to eliminate. What do you like to see in your author newsletters? Would you like more information about the giveaways and sales? Would you like more book blurbs? Do you like reading my reviews?

Feel free to reply to this email with your suggestions and stay tuned for changes in the September newsletter.
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Dirty Assignment
Now Available
Dirty Assignment
A Taboo Romance

Mysterious costumes…
It was only a spring fling tryst until their masks came off
Zoe was his student, and Aiden was the professor who held the keys to her future.

They broke it, that unspoken law…

Professors aren't allowed to fraternize with the students.

It was a mistake, they can’t be together, and it’s best for them to forget that night ever happened.

But he can’t.

She can’t.

And they can’t forget each other.

As she learns and he teaches, they wonder.

Was it really just a fling?

Or was it the beginning of a forever love?

To find out, download today.

Dirty Assignment is meant for mature audiences only.
The Agent of Escondida
Now Available
The Agent of Escondida
The Treasure of Escondida Book 2

The hunt for the Treasure of Escondida intensifies when three thieves break into the castle!
Tony, one of the thieves, spots a woman in the castle as he attempts to evade the guards. Sent to locate a hidden room, he and his companions fail but the woman appears to recognize him and even says his name. Confused and frustrated, Tony returns to headquarters, not sure who or what to believe.

When Julia comes face-to-face with one of the thieves, she recognizes him instantly as her ex-fiance, Tony - only he doesn't seem to know who she is. As the team researches Tony's involvement, secrets are revealed and Julia must figure out her personal feelings towards Tony before he strikes again.

Join the team as they analyze the puzzle laid before them. Grab your copy today and strap in for a wild adventure full of espionage, romance, and suspense.
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