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From the desk of Ashleigh Stevens
Although the calendar says June, it is not quite summer here in Southern New England. I spent our traditional Memorial Day camping trip shivering in the rain.

But, all was not lost. I spent much of my weekend reading, trying to figure out how my webserial characters should spend their upcoming summer vacations.

So, I have decided to ask my readers. How do you spend your summers?
Share your favorite summer activities here!
Still Seeking Readers!

Melinda knew adjusting to high school would be difficult.
But will she flunk out before she even has a chance?
Two hours away from home, Melinda quickly learns that her boarding school is much more challenging than her public middle school. Her new friends and teacher must become her family.

But Melinda never expected the assignments to be this difficult. How will she have time to make new friends if she’s constantly studying?

And then there’s the boys. For the first time in her life, she has a boyfriend.

When an old friend re-enters her life, she must learn how to balance school with her social life if she wants to succeed at Hartfield.

When you finish reading Melinda’s story,
flip the book over to read Pat’s story.

Patrick McGregor is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood.
But sometimes, he just wants to be a normal sixteen-year-old.
Pat thought missing the beginning of the school year to film a new movie on location in Hawaii sounded ideal. But, for the first time in his life, his family isn’t around to keep him company. A demanding film schedule and lackadaisical tutor don’t help combat the homesickness.

When a family member falls ill, Pat must examine the true meaning of family.
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Hartfield Chronicles

With his movie finally finished filming, Pat can't wait to return to Hartfield to spend some time with his brother. But, Walter would rather pretend they are complete strangers. At least Walter's friend doesn't seem to mind him hanging around.

Melinda has just about figured out how to balance her schoolwork with her new dance class and time with her friends. She's even managed to spend some time with her boyfriend, Eliot. Life should be perfect, right?
Except for the fact that Eliot doesn't like the fact that Melinda's best friend is a boy. Or that Melinda happens to be friends with a famous actor.

And just when Melinda thinks her life can't get any more complicated, an unexpected kiss forces her to reexamine the way she thinks about one of her friends.
Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Tuesday and Friday.
Here's what you've missed
  • Episode 37: Melinda, Walter, and Pat play games at a deserted Hartfield
  • Episode 38: It's a NeoGenesis marathon for Melinda, Walter, and Pat
  • Episode 39: Pat meets Walter's friends and Ava joins the NG Viewing Club
  • Episode 40: Leaf fights and lemonade. It's Service Day!

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A Glimpse at Ashleigh's Bookshelf

Although both of this week's recommendations are children's books,
I enjoyed reading them and wanted to share.
Crossroads in Jerusalem
Crossroads in Jerusalem
Elizabeth Raum

In this book, the reader is the main character. You begin your journey by selecting your character: a young boy, a young girl, or a lawyer's apprentice, all set in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus's preaching. As your journey continues, you select your path. The different combinations result in many different stories within this short book.
I have always been a fan of interactive books and was excited to read this story. However, even though I knew this book was geared towards children, I found myself disappointed. While the stories were interesting and engaging, I was not thrilled with the bible passages, including Jesus's teachings. There are many English versions of the bible and I think a book for elementary students should use a translation children can understand. I think a lot of the message the author was trying to teach would go over a young reader's head. I am a grown adult very familiar with scripture and had difficulty reading several of the passages because of their awkwardness.

I also had some issues with the narration. Again, I know this story is meant for children, but I felt there was a lot of summarization and not a lot of interaction. I would have liked to see more world building and descriptions and more dialogue instead of brief summaries of what was being said. Despite the fact that this is an interactive story, I felt more like I was being told a story than living it.

I read through every possible combination of stories and nearly every ending felt rushed. I would have liked to have seen more character growth, maybe ending each one with a bible passage, as some did.

Despite its flaws, however, I did enjoy the story and plan on sharing it with my children.
It's Not Jack and the Beanstalk
It's Not Jack and the Beanstalk
Josh Funk

An original reading of a classic story where the Jack disagrees with the narrator and takes the story into his own hands. 
I found this story hilarious. In addition to the main character fighting with the narrator, there are cameos by other fairy tale characters, including several hidden ones. Without spoiling the book, I loved the ending.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this story and cannot wait to read more in this series.
Wondering what to read next?
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Now Available
Beauty of the Dark Book 1

A sassy witch, a vampire sworn to protect her, and a vampire that’s falling for her...? All bets are off.

Kiara was born with power. At eighteen, her powers are peaked, and she's destined to destroy the demon threatening her home town. But even with her power and the help of Kaleib, a vampire who’s like an older brother to her, they're not strong enough to stand against the evil. Enter Trent, a vampire with a secret past, and the tables turn, giving them a fighting chance.

Kiara shouldn’t feel anything toward Trent, especially since Kaleib hates him, but a strong attraction builds between them during their mission. Trent has successfully avoided caring about anyone for over one hundred years, and he plans to keep it that way. When Kiara asks for help, he can’t seem to deny her. Never would he imagine that he’d run into Kaleib, someone from his past--a vampire who knows his secret. Trent convinces himself he's aiding Kiara for his own selfish amusement, but the little witch seems immune to his charms and she's chipping away at his walls. To his dismay, he finds himself beginning to care for Kiara.

Between the demon that wants to kill her and two fighting vampires, how will things play out for Kiara and Trent? Will this demon let them live to find out?
Never Letting Go
Now Available
Never Letting Go
The Never Series Book 1

My world came crashing down around me the day dad died. Instead of being excited to start senior year, I’m devastated and uprooted.

Mom and I move back to my hometown, back to where our lives were happy, when dad was still with us. I’m excited as I can be, until I realize my former best friend, Noah, has moved on without me, and wants nothing to do with me anymore.

My world was destroyed the day Frankie left. I became a cold, distant, angry version of the boy she knew. Someone able to handle a life without the person I wanted most. Now she’s back, but I don’t know how to be the old me. It seems all I’m good at is pushing her away when all I want to do is hold her close.
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