Nationally Recognized Strategist and Conservative Media Entrepreneur Hired as Vice President of Media
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Friday, May 12, 2023

For Immediate Release
Contact: Michael Fields
(720) 218-9478

Matt Connelly Joins Advance Colorado

Nationally Recognized Strategist and Conservative Media Entrepreneur Hired as Vice President of Media
DENVER, CO – On Tuesday, Colorado's leading non-profit conservative policy organization Advance Colorado announced the hiring of Matt Connelly as Vice President of Media.
“Liberal policies are failing our state and it’s time that we put the People of Colorado at the center of the discussion about the future of our state,” said Matt Connelly. “Advance Colorado is putting the left on notice that it does not have a monopoly on policy making in our state and whether it’s through ballot initiatives, legal action, or training citizen leaders, we will pursue every action to empower the people to save our state from radical liberal policies.”
“Matt’s extensive experience in media will provide a big boost to Advance Colorado’s overall efforts,” said Advance Colorado Institute President Michael Fields. “We are assembling a team of conservative leaders at Advance Colorado that will help educate Coloradans about conservative policies that impact their everyday lives. We are excited to have added Matt Connelly to our team today and Kristi Burton Brown last month.”
Advance Colorado announced last month that attorney and former Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown was joining the team as Senior Policy Advisor.
Matt Connelly is a nationally recognized media consultant who has advised some of the most well-known public figures of the last two decades as well as high-growth startups, a Fortune 500 global media organization, and non-profits.
Matt has filled vital communications roles for the presidential campaign efforts of John McCain, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker, and ran former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newsroom. As the traveling press secretary for Governor Scott Walker’s presidential campaign, Matt was in the media spotlight daily as he traveled the country with reporters from every major national news outlet.
As Cory Gardner’s Press Secretary in his 2014 U.S. Senate race, Connelly helped elect Gardner to the United States Senate in one of the closest and most-watched races in the country. After helping secure the Senate majority for Republicans with Gardner’s victory in 2014, Matt was recruited to be the national press secretary for the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2016 where he helped plan and execute the national press strategy for maintaining the senate majority.
In 2022, Connelly founded Campfire Colorado, a conservative media company and Colorado’s Conservative Voice for the People. In one year, Campfire Colorado has helped shape Colorado’s media landscape and Connelly interviewed multiple high-profile conservative leaders including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Tim Scott, Senator Joni Ernst, conservative media entrepreneur Dave Rubin, and major candidates running for office in Colorado.

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