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“Empowering local communities to make tourism sustainable”

February 2022         

Introducing our new
Destination Support Program

Green Destinations launches its Global Leaders Destinations Support Program 2022-23. We are pleased to invite destination managers and DMO teams to take part in this comprehensive capacity building program strategically designed to support destination leaders in addressing today's challenges and preparing for the Global Leadership of the future. The program provides close guidance and tools to develop practical solutions with capacity building, knowledge sharing and networking sessions.

Do you want to develop practical and impactful solutions for the sustainable future of your destination? Join us and become a Global Leader in shaping a sustainable future for the tourism sector. Visit our website for more information: 
Destination Support Program

Green Destinations Stories Series 2022

To recognise the exemplary efforts of our Green Destinations and QualityCoast awarded and Green Destinations certified destinations in the 2021 Top 100 Stories competition, we are introducing a new series of articles called Green Destinations Sustainable Destinations Stories Series. This series looks at the current challenges in sustainable tourism and destination management and explains the efforts of destinations to overcome them.

Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and read our latest article 'Improving the Environment: Towns and Villages Stories'. The article features destinations like Tartu (Estonia), São Miguel do Gostoso (Brazil), Tibau Do Sul (Brazil), and Pafos Region (Cyprus) that have made a significant commitment to building sustainable societies and improving the quality of life in their cities and for the locals. 
Read the article here

Register for Green Destinations Story Awards 2022, hosted by Visit Portugal

The Green Destinations Story Awards online ceremony is coming soon. Join us on March 11 at 13:00 CET to discover excellent sustainable destination management practices which will make you optimistic about the future of sustainable travel.

The ceremony is a partnership between Green Destinations, GLP Films and ITB Berlin and hosted by Visit Portugal. This promises to be an exciting event, so make sure to register and join the event!
Register for the Event

Rika Jean François will reveal the

2022 ITB Earth Award

The prestigious ITB Earth Award, chosen each year by ITB Berlin, will be unveiled by Rika Jean François (Commissioner, ITB Corporate Social Responsibility) during the Green Destinations Story Awards ceremony. The award recognises global leadership in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation

Register to the online event and discover the winner on March 11, 2022 at 13:00 CET.
Register for the Event

Green Destinations Top 100 Stories

Fee Waiver Program

Thanks to the collaboration of our great supporters, Green Destinations is able to welcome destinations to participate in the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories 2022 for free.  

Tico Reizen, a tour operator based in  the Netherlands will support 10 destinations from low or middle-economy countries. The competition enables destination managers to learn about the basics of sustainability performance, and get a chance to share their story with the world!  

The fee waiver program application form is available through the Call for Applications.
Call for Applications

Good Travel Guide - New blog!

In the age of excessive information and persuasive marketing, it is indeed difficult to spot initiatives that are truly working towards a greener future. In this article, the Good Travel Guide explains how to spot greenwashing, its relation to the tourism industry, and provides a guideline on how to identify the most common signs of greenwashing. Don't miss it!
Full Article Here
Green Destinations Training -
Top 100 Application Support Group
Top 100 Application Support Group: Assessing sustainability in destinations and writing compelling good practice stories
11 April - 1 July 2022

GD Training is very excited to facilitate the first Top 100 Application Support Group! Whether you are participating in the Top 100 Competition or not, destination practitioners can benefit from engage in intensive workshops on the Core Criteria of the Green Destinations Standard and storytelling for effective destination promotion.

The program includes the Green Destinations Top 100 Training Course and intensive workshops in small groups. This is not your usual training, as we tailor our discussions on what matters most to you and your destination!
Top 100 Application Support Group
Sustainable Tourism Destination Management Training Course
30 May - 1 July 2022

After the success of its pilot run last September 2021, GD Training is happy to announce the second run of the Sustainable Tourism Destination Management Training Course!

About the course:
Positive change and impactful initiatives in tourism destination management always start with the awareness of the principles of sustainability in the industry. The course empowers you by understanding the realities of sustainable tourism through real-world examples and prepares you with practical tools that help shape successful sustainable tourism destinations.
Sustainable Tourism Destination Management Training Course

Business Certification Program

The Good Travel Program is a sustainability support program for tourism and travel related businesses and facilities, which offers a number of tools to assess, improve, and certify the sustainability of your business. These tools include the Good Travel Scan, Good Travel Seal, Good Travel Seal with full GSTC-I Standard, and Virus-Aware Seal.

Looking for affordable certification for small and medium-sized tourism businesses? Make sure to visit the Good Travel Program website for more information.
Good Travel Program
If you have interesting news about your destination's sustainability
efforts share them with us!
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