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What to Expect - Week 2 


Start hydrating ... two days ago. Failing that, early in the morning. It'll be hot, and the best place to store water is in your cells.


Grandparents are always stopping by the tent at Victory Park to ask for directions to see their kids play. If you don't have a new baby, and aren't already coaching, refereeing, or managing a team, please choose two hours consecutively, or two hours over the course of the season.

If you have the first game on the field, everyone gets to help set up the goals. Yay! For the last game, help take them down.

Please remember to set your coaches up for success, and let theirs be the only voices telling the kids what to do during games.

How did your first game go? Please elaborate at


We hope you are having a wonderful time with your teams as you get to know your players and their families. How are your practices going? If you could use some ideas, checkout Mojo.

Come to the clubhouse on Thursday 9/22 from 6:30 - 8 pm for a seminar with Barry Ritson, a professional soccer coach and coach trainer, to help us all upgrade our coaching skills. Two sessions are coming up, in case your team practices on Thursdays. They're all different topics, so it's worth attending as many as you can. See the calendar.

Next week, try introducing a few choreographed plays that build on basic skills. For goalkeepers, start with safety: bend with knees, not back, to keep your face away from anybody else's feet. 

Goals win games; defense and team culture wins the playoffs. Culture tips at More information in the Region 13 Coaching Guide.


Remember to write your team's ID (e.g. B14U04) on the game card so your team gets credit. Return game cards to the envelope at the tent at Victory or through the mail slot at the clubhouse. You can also use the QR code on the bottom to upload pictures (please also return the paper, for now).

Remember to use the referee schedule app to confirm your referee assignment. If you can't make an assignment, click "No" to let another referee know to fill in for you!

Team managers

If you missed the team manager meeting, find the info packet at If you are looking for a way to organize your team, we like Spond

Team traditions are fun, whether it's cheer, a handshake, or secret language. 

Schedule Highlights

Subscribe to the Region 13 calendar.

Sep 17 Week 2 of the Fall Season
Sep 18 Regional Referee Course in South Pasadena
Sept 21 LiveScan 5:30-9 at the Clubhouse
Sept 22 Coaching seminar  6:30 - 8 pm at the  clubhouse
Sept 24 Week 3 of the Fall Season
Oct 6 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm

Everyone Plays

In Region 13, every player is on the field for at least 3/4 of the game, and keepers (10U and 12U) are in goal for at most 2 quarters. In 6U-8U, everyone plays the whole game, unless they don't want to. Referees will note exceptions on the game card for followup by the coaching staff.

Just for fun

Send in your pictures or tag @aysoregion13 on Instagram

Lots of  YouTube soccer videos!

All Stars & The Myles Standish Tournament 

With the season just about to start, talking about All Stars and the Myles Standish Tournament (MST) before the first official games seems ridiculous. However, the coaches need to be chosen for the All Star teams. All-Stars is a lot of fun, so if your kids have a good time in the next couple weeks, go check it out.

Coaches, you can find information on the programs here. You can apply to coach a team here.  Parents, you can find information on the programs here.

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