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What's new with Ashleigh?

It's that time of year again. With the passing of Labor Day, we have reached the unofficial start of autumn. Cooler temperatures mean apple picking, corn mazes, and more camping.  

That's right! As you read this, I am driving up to the White Mountains for our final camping trip of the year. Thankfully, the weather is supposed to be a little warmer than our first trip this year. At least this time, it should stay above freezing overnight, if only barely.  

In case you haven't noticed, we have done a lot of camping this year. As a result, I have been inspired to start a camping blog! Although I have written several articles about our adventures so far, the website most likely will not become active before next spring. Perfect timing for new camping adventures.

Why so long? Because I'm busy working on another website.

I am starting a new project that is unlike any I have done before. while it is not a mystery, I wanted to give my readers the opportunity to be a part of it.

This newest story will be interactive. My plan is to post an episode on a given day and give you, the readers, a week to read it and vote on what happens next. Based on your feedback, I will write the next episode, posting it a week later.

But, I could use some help.

This story is a novelized version of a fictional cooking reality show and I am going to need a LOT of contestants. I have a few, but I could use some more. do you have the perfect fictional character in mind? If so, you can help. I have set up an online entry form for you to nominate fictional chefs for this contest. If your chef appears in the book, you will receive a special acknowledgement, both in the season opener as well as in the final e-book upon publication. If your chef wins the season, well I think that deserves a free book, don't you?

As I mentioned, I am going to need a LOT of characters, so feel free to enter as many chefs as you would like. Just remember, except for your email address, all the information should be about your fictional character. I can't wait to meet them all!

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

Live and Let Diet
Live and Let Diet
Morgana Best

After a messy divorce, Sybil can't wait to get a new start on life. Before she gets a chance to settle into into a small town in nowhere Australia, she discovers a dead body in the boarding house neighboring her cottage. Being the newest arrival puts her at the top of the suspect list. Can she clear her name before she ends up being the next victim?
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Publishable by Death
Publishable By Death
ACF Bookens

It's opening day for St. Marin's newest -- and only -- bookstore and owner Harvey can't be more excited. Books are on the shelves, coffee is in the cafe, a dead body is in the stockroom. While no one seems too upset by the loss of one of it's residents, Harvey wants to find the murderer before bad publicity ruins her reputation.
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Free Books

Sweet Justice
Free Book
Sweet Justice
A Bristol Bay Cozy Mystery

When bakery owner Alyssa Sanders regular customer, Violet Jones…. a dear older lady…is found dead from poisoning, Alyssa is determined to help her boyfriend, police officer Cameron Ellis, find the killer and obtain justice for Violet.

Alyssa is taken aback when she becomes one of the suspects in Violet’s murder. The poison had been in one of her cupcakes from her bakery. To complicate matters, Cameron advises her they should limit contact during the investigation.

Her mind spinning with thoughts about who the killer could be and what motive he/she had, Alyssa is more determined than ever to clear her own name and to find the killer.

Other Books on Sale

Mocha, Murder, & Magic
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Mocha, Murder, & Magic
A paranormal cozy mystery

Mocha, Murder and Magic…

Disillusioned by magic, Sally Talbott turns her back on witchcraft and jumps realms to Luna Brook, a small, quiet town nestled into the hills of the Cotswolds, England and lands a job in the local café.

Instead of a normal life filled with coffee and customers, Sally discovers her employer and landlady, Betty, fights crime for a side income and is faced with a dead body, a spilt mocha and a murderer on the loose.

A corrupt mayor with Luna Brook’s reputation to keep clean is the perfect brew for trouble and Sally soon finds the finger of blame pointing to her.

Can Sally solve the crime, clear her name and make a new life for herself before she lands herself in jail? Can she continue the presence of normality or will she have to resort to magic? And why won’t Betty’s cat leave her alone?

Mocha, Murder & Magic is the first book in the Witches, Mystery & Coffee Syrups series. If you love believable characters, crumbs of clues and a sprinkling of magic, you’ll love Agnes Reed’s new cozy mystery series.

Contains British English spellings and usage.

Goosebumps & Giggles
Brace Up and Get Ready
Brace Up and Get Ready for these Amazing Books
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