Bill to "protect tenants" stomps on private property rights, contributes to increasing housing costs
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Thursday, March 16, 2023

For Immediate Release
Contact: Michael Fields
(720) 218-9478

Advance Colorado Responds to HB23-1171 House Passage

Bill to "protect tenants" stomps on private property rights, contributes to increasing housing costs
DENVER–As the Colorado House of Representatives passed House Bill 23-1171 yesterday morning, Advance Colorado's President, Michael Fields, issued the following statement:

“House Bill 23-1171 is one of many pieces of legislation introduced this year that disregards private property rights and further drives up the regulatory cost of housing in Colorado. If somebody owns an apartment complex and decides it is time to renovate the units, they will be forced to pay two to three months worth of rent back to the tenant if they have to evict them to make those renovations, alongside providing 3 months worth of notice, even if the lease is up. Regulations like this will drive up the cost of housing and make owners think twice about renovating outdated units.”

House Bill 23-1171, titled "Just Cause Requirement Eviction Of Residential Tenant," passed the Colorado House of Representatives yesterday morning on 3rd and final reading despite bipartisan opposition. 

The bill, sponsored by Representatives Javier Mabrey (D) and Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez (D), prohibits eviction of a tenant unless under certain circumstances. If a property owner sought to renovate and modernize a property, or relocate a family member into that property, the eviction would be considered "no fault," and the property owner would be required to pay "relocation assistance" amounting to 2-3 months worth of rent.

In addition, as reported by Colorado Public Radio, "landlords would essentially be required to offer a renewal of the lease in 'substantially identical' terms. If they fail to do so, renters could keep paying rent under the terms of the previous lease — and they would be protected from eviction."

The bill now heads to the Colorado Senate for consideration.

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