Get ready for fall soccer, Real Madrid vs Juventus come to the Rose Bowl 

Fall soccer

Do your kids have friends at school? Please invite them to play in AYSO's fall league.  

Coach a team

The league needs a few more coaches before the end of June. And by "a few," I mean "a lot." If you know kids, AYSO will teach you everything else you need to know.

It's easier than you might think, so go ahead and check the I'll Volunteer box.

Coach and referee classes are in July-August.

Coach a team

Games are more fun when the teams have similar abilities. For 10U and above, Region 13 tries to make sure that the players on every team have a similar range of ages, skill, and experience. Look for an email from your Division Coach Administrator at the end of the month about team formation.

Rose Bowl Events

Real Madrid plays Juventus at the Rose Bowl on July 30. Pre-register for tickets

The Rose Bowl Stadium’s 100th birthday is August 13 to raise money for the future of America's Stadium. The Rose Bowl Party of the Century will include ceremonial flyover, a plated dinner, a one-of-a-kind experiential auction, fireworks, live music, and more! More at

Laws Of The Game game

What's the call? Get the LOTG app and follow along!

1. There's a crowd in the Blue goal area for a corner kick. Orange #6 is standing next to the Blue goalkeeper, on the goal line. The corner kick is taken, bounces around a few times, and then Orange #8 kicks the ball toward the net. Orange #6 appears to have not moved, being flummoxed by all the commotion and the yelling, and is now in an offside position as the goalkeeper has moved . Orange #6 watches the ball sail over her head and into the net. How does play resume?

2. Red #3 kicks the ball, which ricochets off the referee and bounces over the touch line. The referee is startled, but unharmed. How does play resume?

3. White #4 takes a free kick from just outside the penalty area. The Red goalkeeper jumps up but can't reach the ball, which bounces off the crossbar and comes back to White #4, who dribbles it around the goalkeeper and scores. How does play resume?

4. Red #3 shoots the ball at the goal from midfield. Green #9 sticks a foot out and deflects the ball high into the air, while the Green goalkeeper runs back and catches the ball. What's the call?

Take your best guess, volunteer to become a referee, and scroll down for the answers.


All coaches and referees need LiveScan fingerprinting. It takes about 5 minutes. Go to for instructions.

Safesport is a new federal one-time requirement for soccer volunteers. The good news is you can do it online, and the material is quite good. The bad news is it takes some time, so do it now

Referees Are you ready to make a bigger impact? Consider a promotion to Division Referee Administrator for 8U, 10U, or 12U. This is a mostly email job, handling communication, scheduling, and inviting volunteers to get trained. To make a big difference in your kid's program, please write to

Team managers Do you have mad email skills? Do you want to practice delegating? You could be the Volunteer Coordinator, and make sure the team managers get the information they need.

Looking ahead

See more by subscribing to the Region 13 calendar

Today Register for Fall 2022
July 7 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
July 15 Waiting lists turn on, Upper Division draft
July Coach and referee classes
August More coach and referee classes
Aug 15 Team formation
Aug 27 16U - 19U games
Sep 6 Fall soccer practices start
Sep 10 4U - 14U games

Camps and classes

Challenger International Soccer Camps is offering a soccer skills clinic the week of July 18, conveniently at Jefferson Park in Pasadena. 9am - noon for $165, including a jersey and soccer ball.

UK International Soccer, an official partner of AYSO, has camps at the Rose Bowl for $149 the weeks of July 4 and July 25. Register here

Launch Sports camps start June 3 and go for most of the summer, with soccer and multi-sport options. Register here.

Spartan Allstars is a coed, multi-sports day camp at La Canada High School starting June 6. A week of half-day camp starts at $375. For everything from archery to ultimate frisbee Register here.

Coach Andy has sports classes for different ages and sports in La Canada, starting June 6. Register through the Community Center of LCF.

Other camps around the area include Acting, Basketball, and Swimming at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.


1. The goal is awarded and play restarts with a kickoff. Deep in the fine print of the LOTG, it says that if you're offside between the goalposts, it's OK just to stand completely still and try not to get in the way. Or, if not between the goalposts, step off the field to get out of the way. 

2. Throw in for the other team. If the ball "touches a match official, remains on the field of play," and immediately leads to a goal, a promising attack, or change in possession, then it would be a dropped ball to the Red team. Otherwise, play continues as normal.

3. Indirect free kick for Red. No goal is awarded. After taking a free kick, kickoff, or penalty kick, the player who took the kick may not touch the ball again until another player does.

4. Play on! A goalkeeper may not pick up the ball after receiving it from the foot of a teammate, or a throw-in from a teammate, but attempts to save a goal or shanked kicks don't count. The referee says "Play on!" if anyone gives her a quizzical look. 

Road to Fall Soccer

What happens between now and when the soccer league starts? Quite a lot!

Teams will be announced in mid-August, the schedule in late August, and then practices start immediately after Labor Day.

Most parents will be working with a Division Coach Administrator in July to get registered as a coach or referee, and start the online part of your training and background checks. There will be classes in July and August, and parent orientation meetings as we get closer. 

AYSO is a nonprofit corporation, so Region 13 has a board of directors, with bylaws, policies, and procedures to follow. Some of these are our own, and many of them come directly from the AYSO National Organization. The board of directors ensures that we follow all those rules, while putting together community soccer programs. As a board of directors, we are filtering all of our decisions about the programming decisions we make through the lens of "Safe, Fair, and Fun." About 30 people, soccer parents just like you, serve on the board of because they enjoy soccer and love our community. If you like to see a program run smoothly, please reach out about joining the board, because people like you are what makes AYSO work.

See you on the field,

Taj Chiu
Regional Commissioner (Volunteer) and Soccer Mom

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