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Happy Easter!

This past week I enjoyed 2 double dates and time with my girlfriend, plus managed to get a round of golf in. I'm a bit dissapointed in how unproductive I was. But I'm confident that continuing to show up and reflect publicly in these weekly newsletters is better than skipping. It's sort of like my 10 minute meditation practice, even though you do nothing it's still different than not doing it at all.

🔥 Highlights
  • I finally caught up with my podcast subscriptions and emptied my queue. Mainly because I just chose to unsubscribe to many of them. I did this by just reflecting on which ones I reflexively added, versus the logos I was genuinely excited to tap on.
  • I've added 100 squats/day to my daily 100 pushup routine. 
  • I received a very early birthday gift, a braun electric razor.
💔 Lowlights
  • I did not code a single thing this week. However I did continue to draw and post daily to my instagram.
  • I missed my first weekly mastermind meeting (sorry guys)
  • My amazon affiliates account is being shutdown because I haven't sold anything. R.I.P.
🎯 Goals
  • Get back to coding and finishing this darn game.
  • I'm going to pursue one of the startup ideas I've received in my inbox from Elaine Zelby. She has a cool substack called "3 things".
  • Auto post more drawings to devosuals.
🔗 Link
Existential Productivity with Khe Hy & James Huber
James has a small but awesome youtube channel. One thing I learned was the different between telic and atelic, which are antonyms of each other. Something you do can be described as telic, if it is done for its own sake (for example reading poetry). But it is atelic if you are for example reading a non-fiction book in order to do research for a piece you are writing.

🎵 Music

Marcos Valle JID003 "Gotta Love Again"

🎙️ Podcast

THINK AGAIN: Adam Grant on the Power of Changing Your Min‪d‬
The only way you know you learned anything is when you're wrong. Another takeaway was that Wilbur & Orville wright had a relationship that got 'hot' without getting 'mad' at each other. Another great quotable is "the absence of conflict is not harmony, it's apathy."

📖 Book
Beyond Order by Jordan Peterson
This book deserves a full on summary (coming soon). Jordan's writing requires your full attention, but is supremely rewarding. He has the ability to present old and familiar advice into new ways. I felt like I was getting inside knowledge particularly when he analyzed the underlying meanings of Harry Potter, Adam & Eve, and Pinocchio.

There will be times when your endeavors may falter, but so long as you can recognize how it makes you feel it's not really an issue. Ultimately the path of a full-time maker that you must clear for yourself. Because time has a way of passing all by itself whether you intended for it to or not. Come to peace with the fact that there will be plateaus, and don't be anxious to climb upwards all the time. Mostly speaking to myself of course. Have you ever felt like this?  

Talk soon, 
Andrew ✌
Full-Time Maker
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