Turn towards your problem, don't shy away from it.
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What you resist tends to persist
Holá mi amiga/amigo,

I started watching the Osho documentary called "Wild wild country" via my girlfriend's netflix. It's less about Osho and really about the conflict between the locals and the 'cult'. Also, happy birthday to my Mom who is now a healthy 59! She doesn't read newsletters but if she did she would definitely approve of my shoutout.

🔥 Highlights
  • I spoke with Nate Kadlac about what I'm working on, creativity, and his new workshop Approachable Design. The convo made me reflect on what project I can really keep up for the long term, and what elements will not change (like Buffet focusing on high quality/integrity CEOs, rather than the changing business landscape). Nate is extremely thoughtful and is always available for a free chat, so hit him up about course creation/creativity/design via his site.
  • I've been playing the best golf of my life, getting all time best personal scores. It feels good to be making progress in an area of your life even if it is just a hobby and separate from your work/professional endeavors. The difference has been mental fortitude under pressure, and going through swing thoughts which are essentially personal mantras or a pre-flight checklist except for one's swing. Pour yourself into your hobbies without guilt, and lessons from it will overflow into other areas of your life if you're willing to reflect and make those connections.
💔 Lowlights
  • The equity split negotiation is not going anywhere. I'll probably counter once more for a 10K increase and then just accept and move on with my life. I'd like to maintain a great relationship so I can one day get a positive referral from the director because who knows if I'll start a government challenge consultancy or studio someday. 
  • I was eyeing the Coinbase $COIN IPO for several weeks but was a bit turned off by the initial pop. I may wait until their next earnings report before I invest. 
  • I bought 4 books about Zen Koans in hopes of surfacing some content for my devosuals account but it was a bust. But I did learn a bit more about the history of buddhism and I'm excited to learn more about it and read some Sutras.
🎯 Goals
  • Really need to sit down and finish my 3d game. I got side tracked with a hulu free trial and flushed 2 hours down the toilet, I'm so weak ><. I also spent 4-6 hours practicing golf so these all add up to the typical 10 hr side project budget I have.
  • Continue drawing and posting to my devosuals instagram. There were a couple posts where I forgot hashtags, so need to not let anything slip through the cracks.
🔗 Link
How to have a good day launching on Product Hunt
🎵 Song

Wonama yo ema - Falle Nioke & sir Was
Uplifting and motivational african music. I have no clue what words he is singing but I feels its.

🎙️ Podcast

George Mumford on Tim Ferris
I mean the guy coached Dr.J, Michael Jordan and Kobe, what more do I need to say for you to listen to this?

📖 Book
Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh
This illustrated book is a knee slapper (I've never slapped my knee while laughing but you get the point). Allie's derpy drawing style illustrates her seemingly mundane stories about neighbors, dogs, death, into something neurotically hilarious.

The question for this week I will leave you with is this... "What are you unwilling to feel?" Because what you actively try in vain to resist tends to persist counterintuitively. Don't try to fool yourself from what is arising within you. Set your focus on the heart of the issue and wrestle with it, or simply let it through you.

Talk soon, 
Andrew ✌
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