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What's new with Ashleigh?

As a stickler for detail, I am going to begin by pointing out the end of summer isn't technically for another month. However, next week is the unofficial end of summer and I am already starting to feel as if it is fall. Monday, my children's extracurricular activities all switch to their fall schedules. We are slowly transitioning back into full-time school (as opposed to the one-hour schooling we do during the summer).

Those fall changes are making their way into my writing life as well. This week, I finished drafting season eight of Hartfield Chronicles. I know what you're thinking -- we haven't even gotten to season three yet. However, I put a lot of work into each season before you see it. After writing the first draft, I edit it ad nauseum before putting it online.

Speaking of which ...

Website Woes

This morning, I counted all my websites. Ignoring the blogs I haven't updated in nearly a decade, I currently have four active websites: my author blog, my freelance editing website, my reading blog, and the Hartfield Chronicles website. 

I currently deal with three different hosts to run all these websites and I have found each has quirks. For example, I somehow set the comments feature on Hartfield Chronicles so that readers can leave comments, but they cannot see them, nor am I receiving notifications about new comments.

So, I have decided to dedicate the month of September to working on my websites. I will most likely be moving Hartfield Chronicles to a new host and making a few changes to the paid options. While most of you will not notice the changes, those of you in the Hammerhead Club may see a few differences. I will be sure to send you an email regarding those changes before they take effect.

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

(Not) In This Lifetime
(Not) In This Lifetime
Rebecca Ouellette

When Charlie's van pulls in front of the worst night club in town, he knows that means his career as a rock star has ended. But, he doesn't mind. That was his father's dream, not his. He never expected a the place to end up in flames or for it to result in him seeing another side of his father. And he really never expected for the fire to cause him to start jumping through time, reliving the life of a brother he never knew. Can Charlie change the past for the better? Or does history truly repeat itself?
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Free Books

Faerie Flight
Free Book
Faerie Flight
A short romantic fantasy story

Fae, romance, and adventure.

Ailis is a faerie in the Seelie Court, which embraces order and beauty.

Problem is, she's fallen for Faolan, a faerie in the Unseelie Court, which embraces chaos and pain. And romance between the two Courts is forbidden.

When Ailis gets caught kissing Faolan, she flees to mortal lands to escape punishment. Her time there shows her just how dangerous humans are to the Fae.

Ailis's mother finds her and brings her home, where faeries are planning to move to a safer world. But the Seelie Queen hasn't forgotten Ailis's forbidden romance...and she won't let Ailis join the exodus.

If Ailis doesn't find a way to flee Earth with her fellow faeries, she'll be stuck on a planet full of Fae-hating humans...and she'll be forever separated from Faolan.

Faerie Flight is a standalone short story that takes about 1-2 hours to read. It's written for the upper-YA/NA audience. It contains sensual romantic scenes with mild heat, as well as brief mentions of masochism and self harm.
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