More than $500M in new deals; Mintscan 101.
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Weekly Highlight

This week, Anon.Kuji published a primer covering Mintscan.

Through a series of several articles, he will be breaking down just some of the various ways you can harness the power of Mintscan.

Check out his Mintscan how-to and let us know what you think!
READ: Mintscan How-To
Thread of the Week
Lukasinho put a spotlight on Archway's plan to address unsustainable protocol revenue generation. 

The Chemistry team is stoked to explore the unique use cases Archway will enable. 
READ: Archway's Solution
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Degen Deals
During the last seven days, we identified roughly $527M in new money fundraise announcements for private blockchain startups. Separately, there was a $17M capital raise (both debt and equity) for public company TeraWulf and a $150M VC fund launched by BlockTower.

The largest deal was driven by Copper, a London-based crypto custodian, who raised $196M in its ongoing Series C. The company was reportedly seeking $500M at a $3B valuation in November 2021.

Be sure to review the
other deal announcements and let us know if there are any projects in particular that you would like us to interview!

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