Life is less affordable and less safe for Coloradans following the 2023 legislative session
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Monday, May 8, 2023

For Immediate Release
Contact: Michael Fields
(720) 218-9478

Liberal Legislature Fails Colorado

Life is less affordable and less safe for Coloradans following the 2023 legislative session
PARKER, CO - Liberal legislators and Governor Jared Polis campaigned on making Colorado more affordable and safer for all Coloradans in their 2022 campaigns for office, but as the 2023 legislative session comes to an end tonight, our state is less safe and less affordable due to their liberal policies.
“Coloradans were sold a bill of goods in 2022 by liberals running for office who promised to make our state more affordable and to strengthen public safety,” said Michael Fields, President of Advance Colorado Institute. “Tonight, the results are in and it’s clear to all Coloradans that liberals in the 2023 legislative session chose to pursue radical policies to increase the cost of living and to protect criminals instead of making our state safer and more affordable. As we speak, liberals are all-in on a plan that would end TABOR refunds entirely for Coloradans in just a few years. Prop HH isn’t the solution to our property tax crisis - and voters should reject it. Instead, the Governor should call for a special session to cap property taxes without taking our TABOR refunds. He has until the end of the year to do it.”
“The liberals that control every level of Colorado government have made our state less safe this legislative session for all Coloradans by repeatedly picking criminals over victims,” said Kristi Burton Brown, Advance Colorado Senior Policy Advisor. “As a drug crisis sweeps our state, liberals in the legislature killed Sen. Byron Pelton’s bipartisan bill to heighten penalties for drug dealers whose methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin leads to a fatal overdose. Liberals prioritizing criminals over Colorado families is unfortunately nothing new in our state. We will continue to fight every day against these radical policies. When the politicians don't act, the people will.”

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