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From the desk of Ashleigh Stevens
The past few weeks have been very busy. I have been working with a new friend to develop a new mystery series. It's still very early in the planning stages, but can I just say that I am very excited about what we have imagined so far?
A Glimpse at Ashleigh's Bookshelf
Louisiana Longshot
Louisiana Longshot
Jana DeLeon

When CIA assassin Fortune Redding's life is endangered, she sets out on her most dangerous undercover mission yet - posing as a beauty-queen librarian in the Louisiana Bayou. But maintaining her cover isn't easy when a human bone is found on her property on her first day. When the Ladies' Society involves her in the investigation, Fortune begins to wonder if she was better off as prey for the hired assassins.
I absolutely loved this book. While I liked watching Fortune bumbling in an identity that goes against her very nature, I fell in love with Gertie. I found her hilarious, especially when discussing the local laws. The Banana Pudding War (which, according to Gertie, was worse than the Civil War) had me laughing out loud. In fact, there were several pages where I found myself laughing aloud, a true rarity for me.

I did have a few minor issues with the grammar and slips in point of view, but it wasn't enough to detract from the story. There was, however, one incorrect fact. One of the characters states that Moonshine isn't illegal anymore. However, it is. According to both federal and local laws, it is still illegal to have a private distillery. While I wouldn't expect the main character to correct the woman telling her about it, I would expect her to acknowledge it in her internals.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more about Miss Fortune.
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Key Mishaps
Now Available
Key Mishaps in Lower Dimblebrook
A delightful cozy mystery about village life, gossip - and murder!

Why would anyone want to kill Donald Babbington, what is the mystery surrounding the missing keys, is there a blackmail plot afoot or did someone intend to catnap Cleopatra?

Yet another murder in the normally tranquil village brings chaos, along with DI Wainwright the stern but delicious detective. Is he still pining for the less picturesque streets of inner-city Manchester, or have The Cotswolds and Issie finally stolen his heart? Will he reprise his role as her knight in shining armour or will Issie become Lower Dimblebrook’s latest fatality?

So many questions but all will be revealed in the latest book in the Isabelle Darby Cozy Village Mystery Series.

Tales from a roundabout
Now Available
Tales from a Roundabout
Volume 1

Tales From a Roundabout
A Collection of Funny Short Stories set in Carmel, Indiana --a City Obsessed with Art, Status, and Traffic Circles!

Just when you needed a good laugh, Jeff Stanger is back with a collection of hilarious stories set in Indiana's wealthiest suburb and home to America's most roundabouts.

City Council banned a gentlemen's club from opening within the city's borders. Now, the club owner is out for revenge and he plans an outrageous spectacle in the center of one of the city's most visible roundabouts.

The public display of dancers brings the wrath of the Lakewood Estates Association Moms. And the obsession of the Lakewood Estates middle school boys!

Now the club owner and mayor are in a battle with ever-increasing stakes and outrageousness. And the boys will risk being grounded for life, just to impress a dancer twice their ages. And hiding in the shadows is a city council member with a score to settle before his time in office ends.

Fans of Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiassen will enjoy this hilarious collection.
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