Special deal on LA Galaxy tickets, April 23 

Fall soccer

Registration for the Fall 2022 soccer league starts in May. The upgrades to make the registration system easier to use are almost ready!

April 23rd Night out at the LA Galaxy

Your friends at the LA Galaxy have invited Region 13 to watch the April 23 match against Nashville. It'll be fun! Tickets are only $20. Scroll down for more information.

Rose Bowl Tournament, April 16-17

The Bill Owen Spring Classic returns triumphantly to the doorstep of America's Stadium, where teams from all around So Cal will compete for bragging rights in one of the most competitive tournaments in AYSO. Come watch! You can help this fundraiser that supports scholarships and the VIP program by refereeing a game or three. Email td@ayso13.org to sign up.

Note: Bill Owen is alive and kicking (and refereeing), and will be signing autographs - he can usually be found at the referee tent!

It's all about relationships

One of the parents commented in the winter program survey, "The best coaches coach before games and during breaks, speaking very little during game play. The best parents are ones who stay positive. AYSO did a lot to try and encourage better behavior by all."

It's true! You have to trust someone before you can pass the ball to them, and that starts with using the team to make friends and build relationships. Coaches, check out https://keepgirlsinsport.com/ for a presentation on the best practices for managing team culture, compiled by Adidas. You're probably doing most of them already. When you reach the quick reference card at the end, email a screenshot of your certificate to training@ayso13.org so the coach staff can keep track.

To do

All coaches and referees need LiveScan fingerprinting. It takes about 5 minutes. Go to https://ayso13.org/livescan for instructions.

Safesport is a new federal one-time requirement for soccer volunteers. The good news is you can do it online, and the material is quite good. The bad news is it takes a while. If you volunteered in 2021, you can get a head start and do it now

Referees Are you ready to make a bigger impact? Consider a promotion to Division Referee Administrator for 8U, 10U, or 12U. This is a mostly email job, handling communication, scheduling, and inviting volunteers to get trained. To make a big difference in your kid's program, please write to referee@ayso13.org.

Team managers Do you have mad email skills? Do you want to practice delegating? You could be the Volunteer Coordinator, and make sure the team managers get the information they need.

Looking ahead

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April 16-17 Bill Owen Spring Classic Tournament at the Rose Bowl
May 1 Register for the Fall 2022 Season
May 5 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
April 2 Spring Cup playoffs
June 2 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm

Celebration of Soccer

Entering its 50th year of girls' soccer, AYSO Region 13 held a Celebration of Women's Soccer, March 18th, 2022 at the Rose Bowl. So, what exactly did we do? The same thing we always do: play soccer!

With the field divided into as many small games as would fit, hundreds of Region 13 members can now claim that they played soccer in the Rose Bowl. There's something about being there that brings out the best in everyone, and even the 5U kids brought their A game.

American soccer legend Cobi Jones joined us after the pizza break, and then our own Upper Division girls played a game on the full field.

Coincidentally, this is also the 100th year of America's Stadium, the Rose Bowl. Look for more announcements of more events celebrating Pasadena's sporting heritage. 

LA Galaxy Night Out

Nashville! The Galaxy are playing Nashville on Saturday, April 23 at 7:30 pm in Carson. For the special Region 13 price of $20 per ticket, call Michael DeMarco at 310-630-2238 or write mdemarco@lagalaxy.com. Be sure to say you're from AYSO Region 13 to get seats in our section.

Spring break and summer camps

UK International Soccer, an official partner of AYSO, has camps at the Rose Bowl starting at  $149 a week. Save 10% on April 9 and 10 with code SIBLINGSDAY. Register here

Launch Sports, the people who runs Region 13's skills clinics, are offering soccer camps during spring break (April 18-22) and the summer. Register here.

Spartan Allstars is a coed, multi-sports day camp at La Canada High School starting June 6. A week of half-day camp starts at $375. For everything from archery to ultimate frisbee Register here.

Other camps we like include Acting, Basketball, and Swimming at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.

Spring is the calm before the storm. This fall, you, your neighbors, and this club will put on a soccer league for over 2500 kids. Pretty soon, you'll be registering kids, upgrading your coach or referee training, and eagerly awaiting the team rosters. 

While that's happening, your club's board makes the plans. If you've ever had an idea for how AYSO could provide a better experience for you, for kids, or for other families, well, now's the time to speak up and get involved. If you've been volunteering for a few years, and you realize how it's changed you, consider joining the board and paying it forward to the next batch of soccer parents. AYSO works because you make it work, after all. It's as easy as replying with an email about your vision for the future of the league.

What changes should you look for this fall? Region 13's diversity, equity, and inclusion plan calls for changes throughout the league's operations, starting with a focus on supportive team cultures. In addition to the training AYSO provides, look for the coaching staff to draw on best practices from Calls for coaches and Keep Girls In Sport. Safety is our top priority, and close behind is making sure everyone has fun, so LiveScan and SafeSport are new requirements for coaches and referees this year. It seems like a lot, but it's well worth doing for the kids, because AYSO is more than just a soccer league. The community around AYSO is an important part of what makes this such a great place to be a kid.

See you on the field,

Taj Chiu
Regional Commissioner (Volunteer) and Soccer Mom

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