You'll have trouble compounding ephemeral information.
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Hey friend,

This past week flew wow. I got vaccinated (Phizer/BioNTech) at a local university, and felt half invincible. Kidding, still being careful though. Hope you all are able to get this RNA vaccine soon. This sounds super optimistic of me, but we're lucky to be able to benefit from advancements in vaccination. Imagine if this coronavirus had hit several decades prior, it could be a lot more grim. I also have hope for future inevitable coronavirus outbreaks, since the new vaccines developed are easily re-programmable.

🔥 Highlights
  • I loved seeing Mark Rober show-off his Life Calendar from Wait Buy Why's merch store. So I found some graph paper and made my own, I actually made 8 of them. 52 squares across, and 95-99 squares long. Each square indicating a week, rows indicating years, and the entire calendar showing your lifespan.
  • I made some progress on my 3d game after running into a technical hurdle. I was constantly going back and forth internally about whether to refactor now, or deal with it later so I can move quickly short-term. Without a team to work with, these tradeoffs are not really discussed aloud, so I think it's important solo makers do this still.
💔 Lowlights
  • I got an email from a team member for a challenge prize I won, asking for login credentials to Typeform. We still haven't settled the split yet, so I felt weird about handing that over at this point.
  • I almost missed posting to my daily visuals instagram (/devosuals) because I had scheduled so many in advance previously. Moving forward I will set a calendar reminder for when to batch upload again.
🎯 Goals
  • Read more source material for my instagram page /devosuals.
  • Got some new books, one recommended by Naval Ravikant and another by Alan Watts. 
  • Be more thoughtful about which youtube videos I watch. Play less chess, and uninstall the Poker app from my phone. Try scheduling in indulgences into my calendar even if it's for 10 minutes at a time so it's less spur of the moment.
🔗 Link 
On living in a Burnout Society by Lawrence Yoo Everyone says they want to be 'free', freedom to do what they want when they want. I certainly thought that was a reasonable self-actualizing goal, but it can also be a mechanism for control.

🎵 Song

Lost Sight by Elaquent smooth beat for your night time flow state

🎙️ Podcast

Risk, Confidence, and Seriousness: Katherine Boyle's advice for founders "You know you're being serious when people are mocking you" the 21 minute mark was gold.

📖 Book
The Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson What was seemingly a biography on Jennifer Doudna, quickly turned into a book about the collaborative and competitive natures of scientific advancement (particularly in the use of CRISPR). Nature is beautiful, and we evolved monkeys are at a stage where we are ready to make permanent germline changes to our descendants. I respected the author's effort to present both sides of lawsuit/conflict stories evenly. I began to appreciate more of what my colleagues at NCBI do, and was reminded of the incredible science that people are publishing.

Are you an "information billionaire"? Is the information you are consuming day by day, ephemeral or long-lasting. How might this balanced info diet of yours compound in 10 years, 50 years, all things remaining the same? Buffet's net worth was significantly boosted in the most recent decade of his life. Golfer's generate the most speed in the last 3 feet of their swing before impact. A couple dozen or so dominoes that subsequently double in size is all it takes to reach the size of the Empire State Building.

Talk soon, 
Andrew ✌
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