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What's new with Ashleigh?

As a stickler for detail, I am going to begin by pointing out the end of summer isn't technically for another month. However, next week is the unofficial end of summer and I am already starting to feel as if it is fall. Monday, my children's extracurricular activities all switch to their fall schedules. We are slowly transitioning back into full-time school (as opposed to the one-hour schooling we do during the summer).

Those fall changes are making their way into my writing life as well. In my last newsletter, I asked generated some possible new story ideas. I was thrilled with the feedback I received and have already started plotting two new books.

However, before I can start drafting them, I need to deal with ...

Website Woes

This morning, I counted all my websites. Ignoring the blogs I haven't updated in nearly a decade, I currently have four active websites: my author blog, my freelance editing website, my reading blog, and the Hartfield Chronicles website.

I currently deal with three different hosts to run all these websites and I have found each has quirks. For example, I somehow set the comments feature on one of the sites so that readers can leave comments, but they cannot see them, nor am I receiving notifications about new comments.

So, I have decided to dedicate the month of September to working on my websites. I will most likely be moving one of them to a new host and I hope to start two more.

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

Snowed Inn
Snowed Inn: The Beginning
Eliza Harwell

In 1969, hippie Iris has no idea what she wants to do with her life. So when the opportunity arises to learn how to work an organic farm in rural Virginia, she figures she has nothing to lose. It's been a year since Vern has returned from Vietnam, but he still remembers the trials of war. When his advisor suggests he spend time researching his doctoral thesis in rural Virginia, he welcomes the opportunity. Little do Iris and Vern realize they will find their futures in the woods.
Check out my review

Free Books

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A Love to Last
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Other Books On Sale

Swept Away Shadows
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Swept Away Shadows
Shadows of Life Book 2

It all started with sex on the beach. Tragedy after tragedy, Rory can't seem to catch a break. “I never thought a summer of love would leave me with so much fear and regret.” It was time to face the shadows and share her mistakes with the people she loved. Her family abandoned her, her best friend hated her, and the love of her life was gone. Will Rory find light at the end of the tunnel?
Reaper's Jewels
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Reaper's Jewels
Night Howler's MC

Reaper’s Jewels

Reaper- regretful, apologetic and determined.

Jade- rejected, angry and betrayed.

He regrets letting her go.

She refused to be somewhere she’s not wanted. So she left, had Reaper’s child in secret, and raised her on her own. She never wants her daughter to feel the rejection she felt all those years ago.

Reaper must learn how to be a father.

Jade must learn how to forgive.

Is this a love that can be saved? Can they come together as a family? Or will Reaper lose everything because he chose the wrong woman all those years ago?

This Series has ties to the Wolfsbane Ridge MC Series by the same Author. Can be read as a stand alone with a HEA.
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