February has come and is nearly gone. What you missed this month in the Aussie EV world.
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Newsletter #15, February 2022

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Here's some EV news you may have missed:
Enhancing safety for emergency responders at electric vehicle traction battery fires

Electric vehicle market still confusing for buyers, laments Kia

Labor Says It’s Serious About Electric Car Manufacturing
Not sure we need to bring back car manufacturing with such a small market, but we could manufacture batteries and motors here.

Hosting electric vehicle fast charging sites
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New electric vehicle sales triple in Australia with Tesla outstripping other makers

EV boom: ‘Australia should be an electric vehicle leader’

Electric vehicle sales triple as motorists join the revolution

Tesla Model 3 outsells Mazda 3, Toyota Camry

Electric vehicle sales in Australia have more than tripled in the past year

NSW to co-fund 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the state over four years


Electric Monaros and hotted-up skateboards : the ‘genius’ who wants to electrify our world

Everyone is getting an EV
Incl Noosa council

Australia’s largest electric bus maker eyes expansion

Tritium praised by Biden for plan to build 30,000 EV chargers

EV symbols to be standardised for Australia and NZ

Why This Could Be a Critical Year for Electric Cars
US centric, but some interesting numbers

EV chargers for V2G and V2H to arrive in Australia within weeks, after long delays

Tesla Model 3 wait times blow out to 7 months

Australian petrol prices on track for new high

Australia's Liontown signs 5-year lithium supply deal with Tesla

How high do petrol prices need to go to make electric cars more affordable?

Electric vehicle research centre to open at RMIT University

Leading the charge: road-testing Australia’s EV stations on a 2,800km round trip

"The future is already here — It's just not
very evenly distributed"
— William Gibson

"... and hasn't made it yet to Australia"  
— Me

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