Can you believe it is finally fall?
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What's new with Ashleigh?

Can you believe it is finally fall? Our family has several fall traditions: apple picking, corn mazes, leaf piles. What are some of your favorite traditions?

The past few weeks have been so full of family activities that I have fallen behind on my writing and editing. Though I am not working as prolifically as I would like, I am still hoping to have two new releases for you this winter. 

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

One Great Gnome
One Great Gnome
Jeff Dinardo & Jhon Ortiz

Two enemies, one car, and an epic road trip

When eleven-year-old Sarah is transplanted from New York City to rural Connecticut, she has no idea how she will survive. Never could she have imagined that a garden gnome come to life would lead her to an underground adventure to save the entire gnome race.
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Free Books

The Unwanted
Free Book
The Unwanted
Let the Lightning Engulf you

Follow a determined young man as he tries to push past his limits, fears and self-doubt to overcome every obstacle. Will his intuition, persistence and compassion be enough?

15-year-old Alexander Charon embarks on his journey at a new school as he struggles to form bonds and relationships with those around him. He begins to unravel his hidden talents, forcing his life to take an unexpected turn as he witnesses the murder and kidnapping of his friends. He must use his newly found skills to solve mysteries and protect those he cares for before it's too late. Can Alex rise up as he attempts to persevere against adversities? Or will he fall into despair as hope dwindles with each new obstacle?
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Other Books On Sale

Vitrian Secrets
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Vitrian Secrets
The Healing Méndez

Vitrian Secrets unveils the secrets around Wanda Troms' life. Secrets her mother had kept from her. Secrets around her father's death that was hidden from her for years. Secrets about a group of people called Vitrian have watched her for years.

Now, the secrets are emerging as Wanda shows traits of a gift that her mother had prayed, her daughter never had. Her gifts open her up to the evil that was determined fifteen years ago to destroy her but her father, Marcus, a skilled fighter, protected her. Who would protect her now that her father is dead? She has no knowledge of the Vitrians or how to fight demons, yet she needs to fight, retrieve The Healing Mendez, and save her little brother who has been poisoned.
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