Can you believe it is finally fall?
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What's new with Ashleigh?

Can you believe it is finally fall? Our family has several fall traditions: apple picking, corn mazes, leaf piles. What are some of your favorite traditions?

The past few weeks have been so full of family activities that I have fallen behind on my writing and editing. Though I am not working as prolifically as I would like, I am still preparing my new interactive webserial for release this winter.

Speaking of which, I owe you a huge apology. I was in such a rush to  get my newsletter ready before my camping trip that I forgot to proofread it! In addition to some formatting errors, I made a big mistake: I forgot to give you the link with more information about the webserial.

You can find more information about this project, as well as the contestant entry form on my blog. Please remember to enter FICTIONAL characters. I look forward to meeting your nominees.
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Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

Back to School Murder
Back to School Murder
Leslie Meier

It's the first day of school in a peaceful little Maine town. For Lucy Stone, this means a few childless hours to work at the local newspaper and contemplate night classes. However, when she gets reports of a bomb in her children's school, Lucy starts to wonder who put it there. When her prime suspect ends up dead and an innocent man is arrested, Lucy becomes determined to clear his name and discover the truth.
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Free Books

weather or not
Free Book
Weather or Not
Welcome to Murder In Season

Welcome to Murder in Season!
The cozy mystery series where a red sky in the morning is more than just a warning.

Come rain or shine, injured cop Claire Beckett finds herself forced to solve a series of mysterious deaths in order to clear her name. Weather Or Not is a bonus story and a prequel to the Murder In Season mysteries. Catriona West is a TV meteorologist or, as her boss says, ‘weather girl.’ She’s the best friend of Murder In Season main character, Detective Constable Claire Beckett. Weather Or Not takes a look at two unbelievable days in Catriona’s life. First, she has to make a split-second decision that could end up getting her fired from her dream job. Next, she learns that her ex, Luke, has been arrested. Cat is tempted to let him rot in jail, but the thought of the hyper, nerdy storm-chaser behind bars for something he didn’t do sends her on the hunt for an alibi. Even worse is the shocking news about her best friend, Claire. Unlike the other books in the series, Weather Or Not doesn’t have a murder, but the non-stop action will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Other Books on Sale

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Caught Red Handed

Two beautiful women go missing in Ocala, Florida. One of them, everyone seems to be looking for and the other one is reported missing by David Evans, who knows her for less than a month.

Ryan Mallardi, PI, is hired to search for both women by different people and for different reasons. While his personal life goes upside down, through no fault of his own this time, he tries to turn it right side up again while finding the two women.

Going on instinct, Ryan unravels the mysteries of why both women disappeared. Through intuition, wit, surveillance and some other maybe-illegal tactics, Ryan finds out where the women went, who's responsible for lying, murder and the coverup.
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