Goalkeeper Appreciation Week! 


It's Goalkeeper Appreciation Week! Yes, we just made that up, but we still recognize that goalkeeping is a special skill on its own. So thank your keepers for their efforts, even when they miss, so they'll keep trying!


Sign up for an hour staffing the tent at Victory Park. AYSO works because of you, and this is an easy way to contribute.

Speaking of which, if you're interested in helping organize Grad Series or Winter Stars, let us know.


This is the week when players usually start to get creative. Go ahead and introduce fancy moves, deception, and choreographed plays to give them some building blocks.

Is the score getting lopsided? Try these:

Team sports are about relationships

Nationwide, girls drop out of sports by age 14 at twice the rate as boys do. What keeps kids wanting to come back, year over year? The research says it's all about relationships, and behavior patterns speak louder than words. Check out this guide, with best practices coaches can apply to every team: Keeping Girls in Sport.

Looking ahead

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Every Thursday Free COVID testing at the clubhouse, 711 W Woodbury, Unit E, 4-8 pm
Oct 30 Picture day #3
Oct 31 All-Stars & MST tryouts
Nov 4 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
Nov 7 All-Stars & MST tryouts
Nov 26-28 Myles Standish Tournament
Dec 2 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm

Good sportsmanship

Can you still learn and have fun, even if you don't win? You bet! B10U Lightning and Thunder was recognized by the referee team. I think the team has lost every game. But they were wonderful. Those parents and coaches did everything for their kids, and their kids are having a blast. After being on the touchline for 5 minutes, I turned around and said, "you guys are REALLY loud!" They thought that was hilarious. They cheered for everything. Even then their kid got hurt, they cheered for him... "to distract him" was what the coach said, only partially in jest. 

Do you want to recognize a team or referee for greatness? Go to https://ayso13.org/ > Menu > Forms and send a nice note!

* Common sense still applies: the team wears their masks during practice and games, and they took them off briefly for a team photo. Don't @ me.

All-Stars and Myles Standish Tournament tryouts

Tryouts are on Oct 31 and Nov 7 on Muir North. Beware the no parking zone on the west end of Montana St. Register in advance.

B10U 9:00-10:30
G10U 10:30-12:00
B12U 12:00-1:30
G12U 1:30-3:00
B14U 3:00-4:30
G14U 4:30-6:00

Picture of the week

It's goalkeeper appreciation week! Thanks to Geoff Jennings for the action shot. Send your pictures or tag @aysoregion13 on Instagram

Message from the Commissioner

If there's one thing we learn from this pandemic, I hope it's that we all recognize how important it is to be part of a community. This year, many of the kids you see on Saturday are playing a team sport for the first time. What's so special about soccer that we're getting up before the sun on Saturday to set up goals? Five years from now, nobody will remember who won. With nothing at stake, why do we bother?

I hope you can identify some way that each and every player on your child's team has grown in the last month. Are they running faster? Moving the ball more accurately? Starting to think about how maybe having positions would save them from running all the way across the field each time? More importantly, how are they developing as a team player? Are they calling for a pass? Making eye contact with opponents? Showing disappointment when a teammate misses? Celebrating a teammate's efforts? These are also stages of social learning.

We parents are also growing, whether it's stretching our concentration span (while running!) as a referee, or how spectators learn to notice which foot surfaces a player prefers.

The power of a community soccer league like AYSO is in bringing us together, at first to watch our children playing a game and then to appreciate what we all can bring to our community.

See you on the field!

Taj Chiu, Soccer Mom and Volunteer Regional Commissioner

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