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What's new with Ashleigh?

Here in Southern New England, we are having a heat wave of sorts. Several days of temperatures in the nineties with lots of humidity and only slight chances of thunder showers. So how am I spending the week?

Camping, of course.

Honestly, I have been spending so much time camping this summer, I'm thinking it's going to have be be a new series. A main character who travels around in an RV and has adventures.

But, I would love some input. As you may know, I write young adult romance, adult romance, and mysteries. You may not know I have also dabbled in middle grade adventure and fantasy, and probably a few other genre I've forgotten. So, my question is, what kind of book should my RV adventures be?

Should it be a middle grade book where a brother and sister go camping with their family and their parents force them to go on hiking trips full of mosquitoes and kayaking trips in leaky boats?

Or should it be a young adult book where an MC is dragged around the country by her parents to places where her cell phone gets no reception and her mother insists on attending historically significant places, like Philadelphia and Gettysburg?

Maybe it should be an adult romance, where the MC enters a contest to find a hidden treasure, traveling to various campgrounds and exploring their hiking trails in order to unearth the next clue, befriending some of the other treasure hunters and becoming more than friends with one of them.

Do you like any of these ideas? While I wait for your feedback, I may start penning some of these this weekend.

Do you like the new format?

As I mentioned in my last email, I am playing around with my newsletter format. One reader suggested dividing my newsletter with more headers, so I decided to try it this week. What do you think? Do you like it? Should I get rid of them?

What other changes would you like to see? Would you like more information about the giveaways and sales? Would you like more book blurbs? Do you like reading my reviews?

Feel free to reply to this email with your suggestions and stay tuned for changes in the next few newsletters.

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

The books currently on my bookshelf are both cozy mysteries, but feel free to browse the archives to see reviews on young adult books. Better yet, feel free to recommend some books for me to read!
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Fit to Print
A Sweet, Newspaper Romance

Read three hot billionaire small town love stories in one heartwarming boxset! Alpha protectors, fake fiancés, and accidental babies are sure to keep you up all night with irresistible page turning action.

Photojournalist Laura Pendleton and Jonathan Brenner, her new boss, couldn’t be less compatible.

He’s the big city, hotshot journalist. She’s the small town, old soul. He’s the blazer-clad executive whose ambition will fast-track him to the top. She sports a messy top bun and knows everyone in her community on a first-name basis.

He’s the world-wise, naturally skeptical shark, always on the hunt for a good scoop. She’s the whimsical, sentimentalist, always on the hunt for the perfect lavender bath bomb.

But when Laura’s newspaper gets bought out by a big media conglomerate, her choice is to adapt or get canned.

Jonathan’s reputation precedes him. Laura tells herself the plan is simple: Clock in, shoot great photos, and don’t let “the man” turn you into something you’re not. But what happens when “the man” ends up being cute, witty, and quite possibly falling for you?

Full length wholesome and clean romance with banter and suspense. The newschool bossman meets the photographer with her head in the clouds. They’re sure to be the perfect couple, if they can stop butting heads long enough to see it.
Secret Love
Now Available
Secret Love
A Small Town Contemporary Romance
Box Set

Read three hot billionaire small town love stories in one heartwarming boxset! Alpha protectors, fake fiancés, and accidental babies are sure to keep you up all night with irresistible page turning action.

Marrying My Best Friend’s Sister
My best friend’s sister hates my guts. So marrying her would have been the last thing on my mind, but I did so anyway.

You know what? I have other things to worry about. Like snagging the CEO job at Tech Dyne.

Unluckily for me, my reputation is a bit well…wild. Yeah I belonged to a motorcycle gang in my very wasted, long past, youth.

But you know, sometimes things don’t turn out like you expected…and the past doesn’t stay dead.

Boss’s Accidental Baby
Turns out my new dreamboat chef boss is my brother’s best friend. My mind wants to keep it professional, but my body says otherwise. And I sure AF wasn’t supposed to end up pregnant with his baby.

It’s all fun and games until we have a situation or two on our hands. What will happen when my brother finds out? Can this love survive the secret I’m carrying? Or is happily ever after BS?

Billionaire’s Unexpected Baby
GQ good looks and a bazillion dollars –Carter, my new charming hotel mogul boss. When he expressed interest, I knew I desperately needed to have a little fun. But what if he finds out I’m pregnant with his baby?
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