Saturday 9/25 schedule posted. Remaining weeks coming soon 

What you need to know

The Week 2 Game schedule is now available. We are having some technical difficulties with our schedule but those are starting to resolve and we hope to get the rest of the schedule out by this weekend.


Start hydrating on Thursday. It'll be hot, and the best place to store water is in your cells.


Grandparents are always stopping by the tent at Victory Park to ask for directions to see their kids play. If you don't have a new baby, and aren't already coaching, refereeing, or managing a team, please choose two hours consecutively, or two hours over the course of the season to volunteer at the Victory Park tent.


We hope you are having a wonderful time with your teams as you get to know your players and their families. How did your first practice go? If you could use some ideas for practice checkout Mojo.


Remember to write your team's ID (e.g. B14U04) on the game card so your team gets credit. Return game cards to the envelope at the tent at Victory or through the mail slot at the clubhouse. You can also use the QR code on the bottom to upload pictures (please also return the paper, for now).

The referee schedule app will be active on ... Wednesday hopefully! If you can't make an assignment, click "No" to let another referee know to fill in for you!

If you haven't yet completed your Regional Referee training the last course being offered this season is Thursday evening at the AYSO Region 13 Clubhouse. For more information see the "Become a Referee" page at

Team managers

If you missed the team manager meeting, find the info packet at If you are looking for a better way to organize your team take a look at Spond.

The Road to Fall Soccer

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Sep 25 Week 2 of the Fall Season
Oct 2 Week 3 of the Fall Season
Oct 7 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm

Everyone Plays

In Region 13, every player is on the field for at least 3/4 of the game, and keepers (10U and 12U) are in goal for at most 2 quarters. In 6U-8U, everyone plays the whole game. Referees do not enforce this at the game, but note exceptions on the game card for followup by the coaching staff. Now, this year, some of the teams have extra-full rosters. Coaches will do their best to give everyone as much play time as possible.

Just for fun

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Picture of the week

Coach Angela and The Timberwolves. Thanks, Arden Thomas! Send in your pictures or tag @aysoregion13 on Instagram

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